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TRIPOW 3 DAY RESET: release toxins and waste, alleviate symptoms, and get back to vibrant health with this gentle food-based cleanse. 

This cleanse was designed to help you renew your whole body and restore your health in an enjoyable and effective way.

It will give you a chance to experience what's possible for your body, show you how easy it is to upgrade your health, and give you an effective way to repeatedly cleanse WITHOUT harsh reactions like fatigue, headaches, and body aches.

This cleanse is plant-based vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Meals include fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds (optional), and alkaline gluten-free grains (optional). You are provided with multiple recipe options at each meal. You are encouraged to each as much as you like (until you are satisfied and satiated), this cleanse is NOT about restriction or deprivation. 


  • Information on WHY cleansing is critical and WHAT causes the body to develop symptoms and illness
  • 8 common causes of toxicity in your body
  • Complete outline of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 (easy to follow!)
  • How to Prep + Tips for Success
  • Delicious Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  • Transition Plan (You'll know exactly what to eat after the reset for a smooth and easy transition!)


"Last week I did the 3-day detox (I actually did 4 days) and it was so awesome I’m doing it again this week! I’m already vegan but have some not-so-healthy habits I’m trying to shift - too much coffee, sugar, chocolate, snacking when I’m not actually hungry, etc. and I found this detox was amazing in re-setting my intentions and creating a foundation for the healthiest lifestyle I want for myself. I loved the recipes, I’ve been constantly craving the pineapple smoothie, omg! It was easy to fit into my regular daily routine and I didn’t feel at all like I was denying myself anything. (I didn’t even miss my daily coffee and this was pretty shocking!!) It just felt amazing to have such delicious food that was so nourishing and healthy for my body. I’m super excited to continue with this detox. Thanks 
-Stephanie F. 

"I completed my first 3 Day Detox. Allie provided a simple and easy-to-follow plan. The foods were not ultra exotic or difficult to find. Her recipes were simple to follow and delicious. Surprisingly, I did not feel famished. My body seemed to respond well by the third day. I felt lighter and more “ alive”. This detox seems to activate the digestive system in a positive wayI look forward to participating in this perhaps twice per month. Thank you, Allie, for sharing your expertise and passion for fuelling our body with a plant-based regimen."
-Deb McLean

Ready to feel energized, rejuvenated, lighter, and healthier?
Let's get started!

Allie Isaac, Owner of TriPow, designed this detox from her 8+ years of studying holistic health and working as a Holistic Health Coach with a deep passion for plant-based healing and detoxification. Focusing on nutrient-dense plant based foods to increase alkalinity and create a healthy gut environment, this detox with help renew the whole body from the inside out.

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