Jake Keegan

- Pro Soccer

"I have always been someone who tries to do all the little things in order to reach my potential as an athlete. That can be staying late after training or looking after your body. Tripow is filled with protein, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants and has become an essential part of my diet. I have experienced an increase in energy levels and a quicker recovery time since I started taking TriPow"

Albert Watson

- Pro Soccer

"TriPow Greens has been a mighty addition to my current regime. The mix of chlorella and spirulina promotes muscle repair, helps in reducing inflammation, providing energy and promotes healthy digestion. A little goes a long way."

Matt VanOekel

- Pro Soccer

As one of our newest Ambassadors, Matt is excited to share the benefits he experiences from using TriPow Greens to fuel his game!!
The 28 year old American from Virginia was the goalkeeper for FC Edmonton. We are honoured by Matt,  an athlete, husband and proud father.

Ritchie Jones

- Pro Soccer

"I'm a big fan of holistic health. I started my own research many years ago and this has helped me to become the healthiest I've ever been. TriPow Greens taste amazing and pure. It's remarkable for recovery because it's packed full of the protein. TriPow is helping me push my inner health to another level."

Eddie Edward

- Pro Soccer

"I am very thankful to be a part of the TriPow team and promote  such an amazing product. I can definitely say that TriPow has boosted my  energy levels on and off the field along with helping my body recover quicker after training and games. This is my sixth year playing professionally, and thanks to TriPow, this is the best that I've felt so far!" 

Diane Hardy

- IFBB Pro

"I've never felt better! I've researched this product and it is something no health conscious person should be without! ... TriPow was and is my secret weapon!"

Justin Kripps

- Olympian

"I love the greens, they seem super pure and high quality and the taste is surprisingly good too."

Shannon Rempel

- Olympian

"With TriPow, I know that I'm getting a quality product and I love that I can confidently add such an amazing superfood to my diet. It has been great for energy and recovery during training. "

Ivan Marcisin

- Water Polo

"The best part about TriPow, other than its amazing health benefits, is its flexibility. I am able to take Tri Pow with me everywhere I go, mix it into smoothies, meals I am preparing, or drink it straight mixed with fruit juice. I take TriPow daily, either in the morning or after a strength workout to restore my body's vital antioxidants and energy levels to come back stronger the next day!

And the best part? It’s a food and not a supplement!"

Amanda Stepenko

- Nutritionist

"It's great tasting, easy to mix, filled with tons of Vitamins, Minerals, essential fatty acids and is an easy to digest complete protein source; TriPow is a no brainer to keep me healthy, happy, and full of clean energy and pure goodness everyday!"